unmanageable me

this month i submitted three manuscripts (one is an extended abstract) for review/consideration they are reports on my own research i did last year (i hope they all make it of course either way i’ve learnt what i wanted to by completing them so no loss here) and today i worked real hard on a som for my postdoc work it helps to get the work done over the past 4 months organized and on paper i’m pleased about this and not worrying what my pi will think about it when he gets back i’ve given up trying to please him and following his every instruction too closely (he assigns much work sometimes without much thinking behind it so if you hop to every instruction he gives you’ll be very busy but not productive in a smart way) ‘cos i can’t do anything right or he just won’t acknowledge it anyhow i’m not a person to be managed by a carrot and stick approach i’ll happily do something if i thought of it (egotistic, moi?) and/or it makes sense to me (isn’t this what the buddha taught?) i’ve always been unmanageable and therefore unlikeable especially by authoritarian personalities i just really don’t understand all this emphasis on leadership qualities (which always means influencing other people to your, or the body you represent’s, way) i think managers are generally superflous looks like i’ve a great career ahead of me 😉

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